Gary Paris Lake Fork, April 24 5lb or more Crappie

Fishing is a trial and error game. It is also a game of who do I know that knows what I want to know? Many a pen has been dried of its ink, typing and printing all the “How to” instruction, a fishermen can possibly read. Even today veteran anglers ask about conditions, location, types of bait, live or artificial, what color, etc. It has been brought to my attention most, if not all of these questions have been answered in one of the most entertaining, and insightful fishing “How to” books.  It is the oldest recognized “How to catch a fish” book published. If anyone has any copies from 1903, consider yourself very lucky. I’m lucky today because a friend of mine gave me an issue that was republished by B.A.S.S. in 2001. Here is a little tidbit I read about in The Complete Fisherman and Anglers Manual of How to Catch Fish, written by Francis H. Buzzacott.

Original 1903 issue on Ebay right now $68, and going up!

Francis H. Buzzacott was an interesting fellow to say the least, boasting of fighting in the South African Zulu conflict in the 1870s, he also served in the U.S. infantry, and cavalry, then he enlisted as a 50 year old in the Spanish-American War.  There is so much more to list and learn about Buzzacott, but lets dig into his book for a brief insight on a few tips.

  1. “The difficult places to fish are just where the fish are.”
  2. “Fishing at night is fishing right; fishing midday hardly pays.”
  3. “Never let your shadow be observed by the fish you are after.”
  4. “In trolling for bass, row about three miles an hour only.”
  5. “Open the stomach of your first fish and see what they are feeding on.” (Not usually something we do in a catch and release senario now days.)
  6. “Fish bite better between the new moon and the first quarter.”

These few tidbits alone can be golden if an angler did not know. The fun in reading this book will mostly captivate my summer. I will first read, then try! Join me in our weekly column.

Nate Dean reports last week’s Lake Hawkins Working Man’s Tournament.

Dean reports: “It was a tough tournament tonight, five out of six teams weighed in with first place Darrin and Brandon, 12.04 ilbs. Second place with Oran and Aaron at 11.10 lbs. Big bass won by Oran, ,and Aaron with 5 lbs. Majority of fish caught on plastics, methods include weightless, and Texas rigs. Water was calm at 75 degrees outside, with calm waters.