Perfect conditions for the angler….but what about the fish? Without seeing a very cold winter conditions today seemed to be just as good as any other. It has been agreed upon, in my fishing circles, that the spawn was confused into action last month or, quite possibly,the month before, hard to tell. One thing is for sure, the air I breath, the stillness of the lake, and the slight chill in the early morning air is a welcome comfort to the hustle of the day ahead. I thank the Lord above that we all have at least this area here in East Texas to breath, and take the time to enjoy our earth.
If it only took me 15 casts 5 to 10 years ago to find my elusive scally cuisine, it takes more than just a hunch these days. The wind is out of the south, and a front is making its way overhead with a slight mist. The birds were active before the sunlight and the clouds are just now beginning to break apart so warmth can refresh another day. I’m calm, with heavy thought about many unresolved roadblocks of life, Oh hey! They’re they are skipping across the water, maybe this wont be a slow day after all. Thank you! Glad to have a welcome distraction that anyone in our area has access to.
Find your spot? I’ve got mine.
I always show the first catch of the day.
Here is one that I caught on a bull frog colored spinner bait. Sure would have loved to seen a crappie!

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