As I am only able to thumb through my friends book, I am silently frustrated at the fact that I’m behind a computer whilst others I know well, are on the water catchin that biggun! Or are they? It is a weekday and many of us have the old salt mine to contend to. However, with the weather being uncontrollable as usual, I’m hearing fish are being caught, and nice ones at that.

This is a sweet one Mike McFarland caught while teaching how to “walk the dog” on the water….he’s got an open date, or might not when this is published, but we hear great things about him. This was on his facebook…Its definitely Monday!
I hate it when a big fish eats my top water first thing while I’m teaching and demonstrating how to walk the dog with a top water. Top water bite is really just beginning and should only get better over the next few weeks.
* I have this Thursday May 10th open if anyone is interested.

And now to The Complete Fisherman and Anglers Manual or How to Catch a Fish, by Francis Buzzacott

Again, kudos to one of my mentors, and great fishing friends Dave Ellison for the gifts at my birthday. As some of you know I am attached at the hip by my lovely wife, of more than 20 years now. Its an arrangement made by emotions one cannot comprehend, I digress. As I thumbed through my new “old” little booklet as I read the table of contents I came upon a quite interesting chapter, titled, “To The American Woman” Chapter 26.

It was the time of the release of the movie The Great Train Robbery, Harley-Davidson was formed, along with the Ford Motor Company, and American’s also witnessed the first World Series, 1903. It was that time that I set my mind back and read this chapter, “To The American Women”

Francis Buzzacott remarks as if no one knew!

“American girls are noted the world over as participants in all kinds of healthful, enjoyable, outdoor sports. ” He goes on to state that fishing is of the highest choice of women, in outdoor sports. Then he is so bold as to tell a woman what she should pack!

” By all means girls, insist on going along; take your last summer’s dresses and cut them off to just below the knee,(woolen of flannel is best) Take a pair of ladies, fine rubber boots and a broad rimmed hat, sweater jacket, rain cape, alight pair of high shoes, under bloomers and a pair of thigh leggings and you have an ideal outfit.” Buzzacott goes on to mention that in the end not only will you enjoy, “picking up wildflowers along the trail, long walks and boat rides, fresh air, health happiness, and genuine pleasure awaits you if you leave behind luxuries and go with a common sense outfit; prepared to revel and enjoy the plainer, more substantial life…that your great grandmothers enjoyed and profited by before you.”

So all bets are on, should I let my wife read this article before or after I book the campsite for our next fishing and camping retreat! Love reading the book Dave Ellison. I’m having visions of I Love Lucy, and she might be swatting at mosquitoes!