Having friends in low places would be a great theme for noodlers. Lately, and frankly a lot of fishermen and anglers alike have spoken out to me about “noodling” and they’ve  had just about enough. I’m pretty sure the last time I checked just about anyone can do the research it takes, and then literally pull something out of its bed.  Weather or not its an old friend from high school where he currently lives, an egg in its nest, or an 80 pound catfish that is estimated to be at approximately 60 years old, almost anybody can pull something out of its nest! This is not the sportsman’s way to catch fish. I won’t even comment about the possibility of someone doing it in a tournament. I guess maybe if you are in dire need for food, but otherwise, don’t ruin a sport and art of fishing, it just is not the way to catch a fish.

Now on to real angling. “If one wants to fish at the TOP level, you first must thrive on the bottom.” What does this mean you may say? A hobby is just that. A challenge to a sportsman and the art of the lure are positively enticing to anyone who gets a rush from that old familiar tug on the line. Taking that tug to the top level takes sweat, time, pain, and a lot of trial and error along the way. Mastering the lowest levels in life will often give right to passage on to the next tier. ( warning:This could go up a tier or down a tier, pay attention!) With that in mind we want to congratulate Nate Dean. Nate Dean has a love for fishing. One that is constant. Everyone has life that gets in the way of progress in direction. But when Nate puts his blinders on he has a focus like not many others. We saw this early on when Nate did whatever it took to not only wear the logo of his sponsors but take on the burden and the duration it takes to continue the fight to the top of a dog eat dog world of angling fueled by huge bank rolls. The question is in reality… How many 5 to 8 lb bass can you  pull in just about 3 to 5 hours? When you break it down, those are the odds in most tournaments. We are anticipating great things from Nate over the next few years, and his Saturday nights have had great turn outs, for his Workingman’s Tournament, out there on Lake Hawkins. Thanks to Dubyas BBQ in Hawkins, and The Journal, Big Sandy Music Hall, and My Hometown Mailer for sponsoring, and  Hats off to Nate, as he begins his conditioning for the upcoming years. Thanks for your support here at the newspaper Nate, and we will see you on the water very soon.

So now what about that statement? “If one wants to fish at the TOP level, you first must thrive on the bottom.” Ever hear, you gotta crawl before you walk? Or take small bites, don’t eat the elephant in one gulp? Keep it simple silly…KISS it??? Ok thats enough, the real deal here is that in order to progress in anything you first must succeed at the lowest level. Your forward progression will naturally occur as you improve your technique. Perfect Practice makes Perfect. Swing right the first time, and catch a big one. Thats your Dr. Phil for today, see you at weigh in!

Nate’s Report on Lake Hawkins:

Well it was a hot one like, felt like I was 7 inches from the mid day sun. Water temp was in the mid 90’s. And high blue bird sky’s and it was tough to find any fish. But some how, someone always finds them. And that is what Jeff and his Winsboro High School Angler, son, Haiden took first place, and big bass 14.08lbs and big bass 5.02lbs second place was Darrin and Garrett with 11.06 and there was Jeremy and chase Owen’s with 5.10lbs. To finish the night off. Congrats to all the anglers that came out to beat the heat. Until next week hope to see ya on the water. Nate

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