By this time, most of us in Texas feel like all we need to do is get through August, until the cooler weather kicks-in in September.  Well, according to the Farmer’s Almanac the hot weather isn’t going to let up. However, there is a slight chance for rain later this week, which everyone will welcome.

While most of us fisherman are going to hit the shorelines early in the morning, by-pass the heat of the day with a siesta, then head back out during the early evening for the sun to go down; Jason Quinn- Bassmaster Elite Series Pro from South Carolina ( – stays out in the heat of the day, searching for the big ones.  As I recall, some of the bigger bass that I’ve caught were caught between 1 and 3 PM during the heat of the day. A lot of us were taught to either hit the deep waters during the heat of the day, or just wait until evening.

Jason says, “Grab a flashy, brightly colored crank bait and hit the shorelines.” He says he has caught them in 6 inches to 3 feet of water, even in the heat of the day.

Sean Letham, a local bass fishermen, says if at first you don’t get them close to the shore, slowly move out about 3-5 feet and start again. You never know where that cooler water will come into play.

Fish are unpredictable. The deeper the water, the harder they are to find. Quinn also goes on to say that most anglers will go for a slow lethargic reel-in, but he says keep the energy level high and the bass will come alive to get it. Quinn says he reels in “super fast” and bluegill colors, bright blues, and hot colors will do the trick. This isn’t an easy task depending on the lake you are fishing. Most crankbaits like to swim deep causing you to get hung in the shallows. Try to see where the deep-end starts and reel more aggressively once you are clear of any debris.

Here are some crankbaits that come highly recommended during the heat of the day. Photo from



Get your rod and reels, grab the kids and the RV and head out to Lake Hawkins RV park for the Lake Hawkins Bass Tournament and Kids Tournament SEPT 26 2015. Call Nate Dean, Tournament Coordinator, at 903-841-0706 or The Journal Hawkins Office (Country Mailer) at 903-769-5105 for more information. Also ask Nate about Wednesday Nights Live there at Lake Hawkins!