Have you ever found yourself in that quiet place where wildlife is teaming around you?

I have  a few places that I like to sneak up into on a big pond or lake. When I get there I see fish hitting the tops of lily pads, and even better, baby frogs, and tiny fish along the shoreline. If you see this, it’s a good sign that the fish you are about to catch are going to be lively, and what you’ll realize is this place doesn’t have a lot of human traffic which is a good thing. Knowing where you are before you start fishing helps you with a few things.
1 If wild life is untouched looking or is moving around you regardless of you this is mostly a good spot for fishing
2. Lots of bait lilke grasshoppers or frogs indicate this is a good fishing environment
3. Good environment, and easily attained bait for fish means easier to catch fish! However, don’t forget to watch your step, because snakes like this kind of area too.
Before you start using your best lures in a place like this start with your natural resources. If you can use your ball cap to catch a few grasshoppers or crickets you’ll have a chance at catching some crappie or bass, or bluegill. Remember, bait is bait, so lets say you have no grasshoppers around or they are hard to catch. Get a hairy jig, and throw it on the shoreline, NOT in the water. but on the dry shoreline. Throw it next to where you hear that frog making noise. Frogs will jump on that fly and take off. Its almost as fun catching bullfrogs this way than any other. Then use the frog you caught bait. Put it on in a way that doesn’t kill the frog right behind the back in his skin. Frogs are a huge part of a bass’  diet when he or she catch them. And we all know that live bait is the quickest way to catch great fish.
If for some reason you find yourself in a lily pad zone, look into your tackle box and find yourself a bullfrog that matches what you are seeing in the environment. Throw that bad boy on top of the lily pads, and be patient, but wiggle it just a little, to attract the fish. Fish will bite at a shadow if they think its food. I have several plastic frogs, make sure you have a lot of different colors. Frogs are a natural problem for female bass, and they will try to rid the area of them so they don’t eat the fish eggs they are getting ready to spawn. Jimmy Houston says to “remember to look underneath the frog on its belly, especially if its a top water, because the fish is looking up at it, so most of the artwork on the top is just for show, its whats underneath that counts.”
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Here are a few examples, of some great frog lures. These are best used at early morn, or late evening. Try darker colors as you get into the night. Good luck, and remember if you catch big enough frogs, if the fish ain’t biting at least you’ll have some frog legs to fry or boil up when you get home! See you on the water!