Feature Image from Cedar Creek Fishing Adventures, looking great guys! Get that limit to a fryer near you! Also had caught up with Cedar Creek Fishing Adventures’ Allen Dyer, Expert Fishing Guide. 

Who got you started as a Crappie Guide?

Allen Dyer- I got myself started as a guide. I have never worked for another guide. I work hard on my own to build my skills and went for it!

What do you love most about taking folks out to fish?

Allen Dyer- There is nothing more rewarding as a guide then watching families and friends make memories that will last a lifetime or the smile on a kids face as they catch fish! I love every minute of it!

When are you in season?

Allen Dyer-The crappie fishing on Cedar Creek Lake is good from mid Feburary through the end of Aprial Then it is on fire May Through about mid July. We still catch nice stringers August through september. October through mid December its on fire again for the crappie ! Through the winter months the crappie bite gets tougher on Cedar Creek lake but we can still catch white bass and hybrid strippers. I fish year round.

Cedar Creek has been a great lake for as long as I can remember, what made you choose this lake over another?

Allen Dyer- I live here at Cedar Creek lake in Micheal’s Cove. That is the main reason. With a fishery this good right here at home I choose to spend most of my time here.  I also guide lake Palestine for crappie

Tell us about a trip ou that yielded the most fish or best results.

Allen Dyer- I could say that about lots of trips. I have had crappie tips in the last couple months come in with 50,75 and 100 crappie on several trips also had a white bass trip of 5 folks catch 125 in 4 hours ! It was a morning to remimber !

What other lakes do you like?

Allen Dyer- I also guide on lake Palestine for crappie only and fish many other lakes  tournament fishing Crappie Anglers of Texas events.

Lake Hawkins Report from Nate Dean JUNE 16

It was a Wednesday Night live, with the Working Man’s tournament, Nate Dean reports, ” Crazy night last night, first place goes to Chris and Kayla Brown with 10.12lbs. Second place to Jeff and Louie Snyder 10.12lbs, the tie breaker was that Chris and Kayla had a 3.06 lbs bass. And the pot continues to roll over with NO Big Bass winner, the pot is growing with more than $200! Be sure to join the team bass anglers on Wed, and selected Saturday nights at Lake Hawkins.

Lake Lavon Report from Cory Thorn JUNE 12

Fished timber and brush. With the wind blowing 10 mph more than then said it would be blowing, fish were hiding deep in the brushpiles. A lot of the timber was vacant of fish that was being battered by the waves and current. Put 50 in the boat and called it a morning. 12-16 ft was the strike zone.

From Lake Ray Hubbard J.V. Guide Service JUNE 11

First part of June for Lake Ray Hubbard white bass as been pretty steady except for a couple of trips. The weather has been hotter than usual and the fish seem to be on a speed race to a summer pattern already. There are multiple schools of shad fry all over the lake . We have had to pick thru fish for the nice keepers as lots of small white bass and hybrid/stripers are gorging on the small fry. Be sure to take plenty of water on your fishing trips , it gets hot pretty quick on most morning. The hotter temps have brought out the pleasure boaters so be very careful especially later in the mornings and afternoons. The white bass on Lake Ray Hubbard are a little different than most fish on other lakes. All the recreation boats really do not effect them much. I have witnessed many times fish schooling and a ski boat runs through them, only for the fish to reappear 20-30 yards away from the original location. We still have the threat of pop up storms so please be aware of the weather.
Reports are pretty much across the board, wait til the sun goes down, or enjoy the heat!  Fish deep for crappie, find the big ones deep! See you on the water!