Yesterday we got reports that lots of fish beds are still visible, but by the middle of the morning the fish are not on their beds. The heat has taken hold, bank fishing by mid morning will be slow, as fish move to deeper cooler water. But that isn’t stopping folks from having great days out on the boat catching loads of their favorite kind of fish.

Lake Lewisville we are told is hoping again this year, see Carey Thorn on facebook as a guide. Many times when deciding where to go fishing we look at last years calendar to decide what to do in the present year.

Here is what we have to possibly look forward to in July, this was Carey Thorn fishing Guide on Lavon, Lewisville, and Hubbard, last year. The last photo was of this year by

Dropping 2 ounce chartreuse Godfather slabs in 15-25 ft of water on humps. Showed the client how to slab and how to use a bait caster. Told him to drop to the bottom and lift up and hit the bottom and repeat. Went to the front of the boat to drop the trolling motor. I heard my client making noise in the back and I looked, he’s on his knees fighting a fish with his rod doubled over. Welcome to the hybrids Mr Lopez. Before 8 o’clock hit we got our limit then I was catching release. All the fish that we kept were 12 inches and above on the Sandies. Hybrids were all 19 to 22 inches.

Nice catch Mr. Lopez

When I popped up on the surface we started throwing Cohoes, and burning them across the surface. White was key on Coho’s. They did not really like the chartreuse ones. And, you have to cut the Coho in half before you put it on the jig head. The bait that they are feeding on are only 2 inches long if that.

My website designer is no longer with us, so he took my website along with him after some time passed. Working on the new one as we speak.

If you would like to come out to Lewisville, Lavon, or Hubbard, contact me at 469-528-0210. Texting is the fastest way to get it and answer.

$125 per man

The fish below was from Urban Wilderness in May on Facebook, nice one!

An now to local fishing tournaments, here’s the skinny from Nate Dean on last weekend’s Working Man’s Bass Tournament at Lake Hawkins.  As of yesterday, Lake Hawkins water temp was 88.9 with cloud cover and a spot shower. Darren and Brandon were First Place with 14.12 lbs. Second was Randy, and Rochelle with 14 lbs. Other weights included Scoot and Misty 11 lbs. Nate and Jason 5.14 lbs, Oran and Aaron 5.06 lbs. There was no Big Bass winner, so the pot will roll over to next week. Get out there and do some fishing, Friday. Its gonna be a great summer!

Stay tuned to this fishing article where we will be covering a chapter in The Complete Fisherman and Angler’s Manual or How to Catch a Fish, written in 1903 by Francis A. Buzzacott. Chapter titled, Luminous, and Non-luminous Baits. Courtesy book given by Dave Ellison.