Citizens of East Texas:
We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful area of Texas with a variety of trees and wildlife, clear blue skies, friendly people, and a pleasant climate. My wife and I came to the Holly Lake area in July, 2015. Over the past six months we have driven the farm roads and county roads discovering the natural serenity of the area.
Unfortunately, we also noticed an extensive amount of litter along the roadways. There are no “Don’t Mess with Texas” signs or signs warning people that they will be fined if caught littering. There are some signs that name groups who have adopted a mile or two of a roadway; but litter pickup seems to be sporadic at best.
The best and easiest solution to the problem is for the people of East Texas to be responsible and not litter our roads. Keep a litter bag in your vehicle and dispose of trash in designated and appropriate ways.
Also, to help alleviate this problem prisoners from the many prisons in the area could be used to provide community service by helping to keep our roadways clean.
May we all be good and faithful stewards in taking care of the beautiful area God has given us. The problem of litter can be solved. It doesn’t take any special training. It takes caring people who take pride in the beautiful nature around us. Please don’t litter the roads of East Texas.
Concerned Citizen,
Alan McNear