By Andrew Kirby

Changing the lives of others has been the dream of many leaders in the world today, for good and otherwise. Leadership in its many forms is a great deal of what most of those growing up behind us require. Without the fathers of our country to remind us the reasons why, we forget. Without our earthly fathers to remind us, we continually forget. Without bosses, task managers, and organizers, we can forget the importance of our cause.

Has America lost its cause? We have our TV, our grocery store, we have the mall, we have our movie theaters, our churches. We have our cars, our hobbies, our sports. We have our event centers, our workout places, we have our jobs. We have made a nest egg, we have our retirement, it’s our right to own our ability to rest in our old age, right?

We also have the luxury of education that comes on the backs of those who learned to teach. Our country is fortunate to have those that have been there, at that time in their life where we will soon find ourselves, alone, or together wishing for the renewed lives of others here on earth. We also have the luxury of being born again in our spirit, but only if we choose. We have our dignity and we have our downfalls. We have our wealth, if we paid the price. We have our friendship if we shared our vulnerabilities. We have those that are there for us, even when we weren’t there for them.

What is your cause? What is it that you can get behind? Do you know your reason? Are the reasons why important to you? Are you a builder, a dreamer, do you have great imagination? Do your children share the same dreams? Are you taking time to accept others at their time in life, good and bad? Are the decisions you made 20 years ago, affecting you in a good way or a bad way. Are the decisions you made a week ago, still troubling you for your lifetime? Have you forgotten that you were aggressive and passionate about your dreams? Are you still pushing forward to a circumstance that will enable growth in spirit of life? Do you still have a zest for winning? What is your cause? Is it the same as mine?

I’m lucky to have my family around me, my heart is heavy just as many of you in the world today. The meaning of life has become much to simple to rub out. The importance of life can be negated much too simply. Making choices that affect us, can, and do bring us together. What is your cause, what is your goal? My goal is personal, but I might share it with you if you ask. My life is like yours maybe. One thing I recognized early is that my life can only be as important as I make it. My choices impact me and those around me. One thing I know in my life is my love. It’s a privilege to sing with my wife. She brings me up when I am down, she helps me up when I forget the reason why. Do you know your reason? Is it important?

My wife and I were honored to sing our National Anthem to those who showed at the Hawkins Area Memorial Celebrations for our Veterans, this last Saturday. It is an event I never miss. It’s a group of people I will always respect.

The air was brisk, smiles of friendship were seen on many faces that we had not seen, some more than a year. Our voices were shaky as we sang for those who killed for me to be there. Our hearts were full as we nervously delivered what we could. The rain was misty and cold, and our breaths were short as our hearts became complete. By the time we sang “Home of the brave” we felt welcome by our elders, and our local saints. As we finished we made our way into the crowd to listen to our friends speak. Out of the corner of my eye two gentlemen who had just placed their flags as our color guard ran past me. As I looked back, the two gentlemen were helping a fallen hero that was down by the road. I ran to assist. As I got there they had helped him gain his footing. Together the four of us made our way back up the hill to continue participating. It was at this moment that our cause became more crystalized. Do you know the cause?

Lift us up if we fall. Lift us up to our call. Bring us life when there is none. Give us spirit to become one. Keep us whole and thinking straight. So we can deliver love instead of hate. Bring us dreams when life seems empty. Allow us to give when we know we have plenty. Run from the divisive. Learn to be more decisive. Make clear choices that we won’t regret. Make sure we never forget.

Crystallize your cause.

“Lets We Forget”