Rick Peterson, Man of the Year 2017

Nomination forms for “Man and Woman of the Year” are available at Austin Bank, First National Bank, and Big Sandy City Hall. Please return the forms to Austin Bank no later than Thursday, January 10, 2019. The recipients will be announced during the Chamber’s Annual Banquet on Thursday, January 17th.

Detailed instruction on the nomination process is outlined on the nomination form, and includes the following criteria:

“The selection will be made on the basis of all-around contributions to the community, not just for extraordinary performance in the individual’s business or employment. The nominee should have a consistent track record of accomplishments rather than being honored for a single act of merit; although a single contribution or achievement is not ruled out if it is of sufficient importance. (The term “community” as used above should be taken to relate to the “area served by the Big Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce.)”

Please look at the total person: general involvement in the community, public and civic service, organizations and church participations, outstanding special achievements, etc. Individuals who make personal sacrifices and give of themselves above and beyond the call of duty to help others.

Thank you for taking time to place a nomination. Your participation In the Big Sandy Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet is appreciated!