Yard of the Month - East Gilmer Street. Photo by Linda Baggett

During the July business meeting, Chamber President Dwayne Canup announced the Yard of the Month had been awarded to the Big Sandy HUD Housing apartments and Business of the Month, Maxi Lube.

Located on East Gilmer Street, the HUD Housing Apartments are home to eight residents. Chris Hubacek is the ‘gardener-in-charge’ of the beautiful areas and says it is a blessing to work in the gardens. Mr. Hubacek said all the plants have been donated. The residents are a close-knit group, coming together for hamburger cookouts and to sit under the trees and visit. Housing Executive Director Doug Strub stated he was very impressed with Mr. Hubacek’s work. (There was discussion of Mr. Hubacek helping beautify the second housing group off Pearl Street!)

Maxey Swanner and daughter, Lori Swanner at Maxi-Lube on West Broadway. Photo by Linda Baggett

Business of the Month is a town favorite – Maxi Lube – located at 300 West Broadway (Hwy 80). Maxey Swanner opened Maxi Lube in 1998, and over the years, added state inspections, tire sales and a full-service mechanic shop. Daughter, Lori Swanner, took over management in 2014 and Maxey has ‘retired.’ If you need anything for your vehicle, give them a call at 903-636-4329.

Congratulations to these outstanding citizens for their efforts. If you have a suggestion for Yard of the Month or Business of the Month, contact Dwayne Canup at 903-235-6030 or email