BSHS students working with the city.

At the recent Big Sandy Town Hall meeting, Mayor Sonny Parsons outlined some of the things that will help Big Sandy to grow in pride and expectations.  One of those is cleaning up the city of weeds, trash, etc.   The city council gave approval to hire four high school students and a supervisor to cut grass, trim bushes, sweep streets, move inventory material, and set a great example of service to the community.

Back L-R: Mayor Sonny Parsons, Public Works department members Joe Pope, Scott Rogers, and Director Skippy McWilliams.
Front L-R: BSHS students Jacob Shipman, Tolton Smith, Hakeem Menefee, Hakim Menefee, and supervisor George Eaton.

On Monday, June 12th at 7:45 am, the team began work.  After a training session on safety and expectations, Tolton Smith, Jacob Shipman, Hakeem Menefee and Hakim Menefee, along with supervisor George Eaton, began work.  Skippy Mc Williams, Joe Pope, Scott Rogers, Laura Rex, and Jessica Garmon were also in attendance. Starting with the City Hall parking lot, the team began to move out to other areas of town.

This team will be working Monday, Wednesday, and Friday throughout the city making our community a safer and cleaner place to live.  If you see them, give them a honk and a wave for encouragement!

The beginning is now.