The following information was taken from the Big Sandy ISD Facebook page and is reprinted here with the permission of Superintendent Jay Ratcliff. Detailed charts are available on the Facebook page.

The 2018 State Accountability came out very recently, and I would like to tell you about how Big Sandy ISD and Campuses were scored.

First of all, we are very proud of each of our campuses for achieving ‘Met Standard’, which is the highest marks available to campuses in the current system.

The Elementary School also achieved 2 ‘Distinctions’, which means that they out-performed many other schools that they were compared to in certain areas.  The 2 areas that the Elementary School earned ‘Distinctions’ in were ‘Science’ and ‘Closing the Gaps’.  The High School also earned 2 ‘Distinctions’, in ‘Science’ and ‘Social Studies’.

The overall State Accountability for School Districts comes directly from how the campuses were scored.  Big Sandy ISD was scored within a new A-F system, and Big Sandy ISD scored an overall 75, which placed the school district as a ‘C’ district.  Earning a ‘C’ in the new accountability system means that the school district campuses ‘Met All Standards’ given to us by the State of Texas.

If you have followed my posts about test scores at all, you know how I feel about them.  Test scores are only a reflection of one day, at one time during the life of a child in our schools, taken from a different setting than the child is used to, from a test that is broken, unfair, and inconsistent.

All of our campuses ‘Met Standard’ and our school district received a ‘C’.  I am super proud of how our campuses, staff, and most importantly, students, met the challenges of the new State Accountability system.  I have attached our school and district reports for you to see.  State Accountability is in a state of change, and we will rise to meet the new challenges, as a school district.  Your kids are much more than a test score to us.  They are our life!

Teachers and staff go above and beyond, daily, to ensure that our kids are taken care of and cared for.  We show up each day, ready to educate, teach, and direct.  We are ready to partner with you to make your child’s experience the best it can possibly be.