The following information was taken from the Big Sandy ISD Facebook page and is reprinted here with the permission of Superintendent Jay Ratcliff.

In order to better serve our students, Big Sandy ISD has made the decision to reduce technological distractions at school. Technological devices will not be allowed to be turned on, accessed, or be visible while at Big Sandy ISD.

This rule not only includes bus routes and the campuses, but also at extracurricular events in which the student is a participant.  If you have any questions about extra-curricular activities and cell phone access, please visit with your child’s coach or sponsor.

Please be advised that all fines collected, as per the Student Handbooks and Student Code of Conduct, will be distributed in the form of a scholarship to graduating Seniors.  To be eligible for this scholarship, a student may not have had a technological device confiscated by school personnel.

Cell phones and social media have played a huge part in our society, by creating distractions in and outside of school, as well as created a platform for some inappropriateness and unpleasing images and words.  These platforms have no business in education, and we need to be able to focus on education and not focusing on chasing down infractions held or made on social media.  Please partner with us, to help curb this issue before it ever gets started.  That way, your child can come to school, without the fear that inappropriate images or sayings will or could be made about them or their peers on social media.

Thank you all for helping us with this by having serious conversations with your child or children about the dangers of social media and its sometimes-negative effects on children and others.