Happy Birthday, Mayor Sonny Parsons! (seated) Friends standing (l-r): Jerome Ellard, Helen Ellard, Becky Desborough, Ivirne Allen, and Melven Allen. Courtesy photo

It’s hard to surprise Mayor Parsons, but some very close friends did just that Saturday morning. February 23rd was not only the Mayor’s 76th birthday, it was also the birthday of his precious wife, Jane, who left us all too soon in 2017.

Gathering on the front porch of the Heritage Center in Big Sandy, friends Jerome and Helen Ellard, Becky and Greg Desborough, and Melven and Ivirne Allen surprised Sonny with his very own rocking chair. The chair, with a plaque reading: “In Honor of Sonny Parsons – donated by Big Sandy Friends,” was appropriately placed next to Miss Jane’s. Happy Birthday, Sonny!