Norma Penney, Buzz Payne, and David Waller of First Baptist begin the Christmas Walk service. Photo by Linda Baggett

Each year, the Christmas Walk seems to be more beautiful than the previous and this year was no exception. Since the participating churches have increased in number and distance, it has become more of a drive than a ‘walk,’ but the crowd hasn’t diminished and neither has the enthusiasm for the “reason for the season” – the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Beginning at First Baptist, Pastor Bill Weaver spoke on past Christmas celebrations and the trio of Norma Penney, Buzz Payne, and David Waller led the congregation in “Silent Night.” Moving on to Solid Rock Refuge, Pastor Anthony Fail introduced a film beginning with a scene from “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” where Linus tells Charlie Brown the meaning of Christmas. The film continues with the Mobberly Baptist Church of Longview’s production of “Movie on Cwismus”: kids tell the Christmas story. (please Google this presentation…it’s amazing!)

Pastor Anthony Fail of Solid Rock Refuge. Photo by Linda Baggett

The next stop was at New Beginnings Christian Fellowship for scripture readings and beautiful music led by George and Sarah Strub. Continuing on the First United Methodist Church, Pastor Jack Hetzel told of his childhood and one especially hard Christmas time when there was very little food certainly no gifts. On Christmas morning, his mother set the table and called her family to kneel and pray. As they were praying, a knock at the door brought men with baskets of food and toys. God is good.

George and Sarah Strub of New Beginnings Christian Fellowship. Photo by Linda Baggett


Gospel Lighthouse opened their doors to the traveling group and it was certainly a blessing to see Pastor Liz Elkins back at the piano. (Sister Liz has been quite ill, but many prayers and God’s healing has brought her back!) She accompanied her mother, Yolanda Elkins and Pastor Jerome Ellard of New Beginnings, as they sang “Silent Night” in Spanish, then in English with the congregation. The final stop was Sit’em Down Cowboy Church for beautiful music from Lois Triebenbach. A reception followed.

Pastor Liz Elkins of Gospel Lighthouse. Photo by Linda Baggett
Yolanda Elkins of Gospel Lighthouse. Photo by Linda Baggett
Lois Triebenbach of Sit’em Down Cowboy Church. Photo by Linda Baggett

Many churches with different names on the buildings, but all serving and worshiping our Lord Jesus Christ. If you do not have a church home, you are invited to visit those mentioned here or the more than a dozen other churches in our area. (check the Church News section of The Journal) All will welcome you with open arms and loving hearts! God’s blessing on you all and MERRY CHIRSTMAS!