As with the school building, prayers were offered over the football field.

Sunday evening, Ministerial Alliance President Jerome Ellard of New Beginnings Christian Fellowship welcomed folks representing several churches who gathered in the Elementary School parking lot to begin the Annual School Prayer Walk. With an opening prayer from Rickey Caughron of Sit’em Down Cowboy Church, the group began walking around the school, pausing at each door and offering prayers.

Ministerial Alliance prayer warriors.

Prayers to help the kids with their school work, for safety in their extracurricular activities, and their lives outside of school; and prayers to keep everyone safe and free from violence and bullying. Prayers were offered for the teachers, staff, and administrators in their positions.

Boo Buchheit and Michael Baggett pray for BSISD Administrators.

The School Prayer Walk has become an annual event with the Big Sandy Ministerial Alliance. It is held each year on Sunday evening before the first day of school. Please join in praying for our school and schools all over our nation. God Bless.