City Secretary Laura Rex, Dwayne Canup, Michael Baggett, Dr. Cindy Bauter, Don Cochran, Rick Peterson, and Mayor Sonny Parsons. Photo by Linda Baggett

The Big Sandy Municipal Development District (MDD), formerly the Community Development Corporation (CDC), met Tuesday, May 15th with newly appointed directors. Named to one-year terms are Don Cochran and Michael Baggett, with Rick Peterson, Dwayne Canup, and Dr. Cindy Bauter serving for two years.

Mayor Sonny Parsons presided over the meeting, giving a brief introduction of the newly formed entity and conducting the election of the following officers: Don Cochran, President; Michael Baggett, Vice President; Dr. Cindy Bauter, Secretary; and Rick Peterson, Treasurer.

Meetings will be held on the third Tuesday of each month at 5:30pm in the Council Room at City Hall and the public is encouraged to attend. Please watch The Journal for more information on Big Sandy’s MDD.