Photo by Officer Gillow

A strong storm blew into the East Texas area Thursday not sparing Big Sandy. Shortly after the winds, and rain calmed a siren was heard leaving the downtown fire station. Attack-1 was dispatched to an area where black smoke was seen billowing into the air.  As volunteer firemen approached, they noticed that it was the result of a burning oil well, just off of highway 80 close to Hickory Road.

According to BSVFD Ken Danapas, who was first on the scene, he had just arrived at his home, but noticed the large plume of black smoke. Without hesitation, he headed toward the smoke, and shortly thereafter, dispatch alerted him to the fire.  Dispatch reports stated the incident as an oil storage tank fire, and possibly a small structure. As soon as he arrived he began protecting the residential structure located approximately 500 feet in front of the oil well. Fire extinguishing foam agent was used to dowse the fire.

Pritchett, Gladewater, and CWC volunteer fire departments arrived to offer assistance.

When asked how the new Attack-1 perform. “Excellently – it was just as it was intended when it was built,”  said Ken Danapas. “It fulfilled what it was supposed to do.”

Attack-1 is the new creation of Chief Jeff Jones. The truck has just been completed, and this was the first time it has been used in a fire. According to firefighters, lightening struck the well and caused the fire.

Photo by officer Gillow
Photo by Officer Gillow

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