The Big Sandy Volunteer Fire Department Fundraiser was this last Saturday, it was a great time to be in the hot sun, and enjoy the fun! Joe Don Saxon was onsite after the entertainment for the auction! Tools, and Shirts and tons of fun articles were provided by Snap-On Tools, and many other businesses to help raise the much needed funds to keep our fire department sustaining.

The Fire Department is in need of funds all year round, and donations are accepted all throughout the year. Just see Fire Chief, Jeff Jones.

During the auction I had a chance to sit next to Buzz Payne, and noticed he was purchasing lots of stuff, “Its a great time to be outside with friends, and helping out our fire department at the same time! I only wish more people would come out and enjoy the food and fun!”

We look forward to the many years to come!

The DeCuir family continues the legacy.

Jay Ratcliff our Singing Superintendent plays us a tune!

Then Karisia Hernandez brings us a few soulful songs!

Jerri-Lynn and the East Texas Jeep Collective were on site, giving out awards for best in show!

Thanks again to Longhorn BBQ for the sausage, and brisket, it was as outstanding as usual!