Roger Pace, Retiring Precinct 3 County Commissioner, Wood County (Photo by Doris Newman, Wood County Monitor)

TO THE CITIZENS OF WOOD COUNTY, TEXAS: On December 31, 2016, after having had the privilege of serving as your County Commissioner of Precinct 3 for eight terms, I will be retiring. I appreciate the trust and confidence which you have demonstrated by electing me to eight terms. On January 28, 2016, my beloved wife Sharon passed from this life to be with our Blessed Lord. She wanted so badly to see me finish out my term.

Throughout the years, I have had the pleasure of meeting countless people, many of whom have become very dear friends. It is my hope that the high principles and innovative procedures that have been implemented throughout the years will continue. When making decisions on the Commissioners Court, I have always striven to consider what is best for Wood County.

It is imperative for the residents’ needs to be addressed and their concerns alleviated while fiscal responsibility is maintained. My initiating a systematic checking of each road in the precinct once a month facilitates correction of areas of concern before they become complex and time-consuming. Preventative maintenance is essential in keeping equipment in well-performing condition, which in turn lessens down-time due to repairs.

Some of the milestones during my tenure: *Building of the jail in 1986. *Purchase of the sub-courthouse for the convenience of the citizens of the precinct in Hawkins. *Construction of the Wood County RV Park on Lake Hawkins. *Substitution of old bridges with railroad cars to facilitate the control of flooding. *The first precinct in the area to incorporate E-Bay as an extensive approach to the sale of equipment, as a motor grader which was sold to a buyer in France.

I was also the longest tenured commissioner to serve in Wood County – 32 years – and never missed a regularly scheduled meeting.

I appreciate all of the hard work of the members of the Road and Bridge Crews throughout these past thirty-two years. Without their dedication and perseverance, Precinct 3 would not be what it is today. Thank you, Roger Pace