Dr. Ross Jutsum and wife, Tammy. Courtesy photo

Pastor Dave Havir of the church of God Big Sandy invites you to a free concert featuring Dr. Ross Jutsum. The concert begins at 7pm on Saturday, May 5th, and will be held at the Church of God, 1106 West Broadway, Big Sandy.

Dr. Jutsum is an accomplished pianist and composer who has performed in all 50 states and all around the world. He is musical consultant to Martha Williamson, executive producer of the TV series, “Touched by an Angel.” Originally from Queensland, Australia, Dr. Jutsum has composed more than one hundred songs that have been distributed worldwide. His ministry, State of the Heart, is dedicated to worship renewal and building bridges in the body of Christ.

Everyone is invited to an evening of inspiring music and uplifting, family fun. For more information, call 626-818-7113.