Christus Mother Frances Louis and Peaches Owen Heart Hospital – Tyler

By Linda Hernandez

Dr. Sheldon Freeberg, Medical Director of the Structural Heart and Valve Program at Christus Trinity Mother Frances, shared “The TAVR Procedure” (Transcather Aortic Valve Implantation) with the HLR Kiwanis members at their meeting on Monday, July 31, 2017. Dr. Freeberg shared that the TAVR is an advanced procedure that offers patients a less invasive way to treat aortic stenosis (AS) compared to traditional surgical options.

The Heart Valve Center provides diagnosis and treatment of heart valve disease and disorders using the most advanced treatment options, focusing on minimally invasive valve surgery for those patients that are considered high risk for surgery. “ The highly trained and experienced cardiothoracic surgeons and cardiologists work closely together to assess each patient’s condition to determine the most suitable medical or surgical treatments, or combination of therapies”, according to the Heart Valve Center.  Each patient’s condition is assessed by a team of cardiothoracic surgeons and cardiologists. A model of the heart and TAVR was passed around for the members see the placement in the heart. To schedule an appointment at the Heart Valve Center, call Jessica Russ, RN, Nurse Navigator – 903-606-2049