An early Tuesday morning stroll was disrupted by humans who came across an adolescent alligator trying to cross the street close to Davis Ranch on Dial Road. Thanks to Jeff Davis, and Officer Gilow for wrangling this little fella off of the road. No matter the size all alligators, always make sure you are far away from them. Just one scrape from the tooth of an alligator can cause a serious infection. The number of fatal alligator attacks in the United States is roughly around 30 from the 1970s until 2010 according to Wikipedia. No matter the size an alligator has amazing strength, and they are fast. Most alligators will flee from you, however if they are protecting a nest of eggs, or you are between them and their prey, beware, they will become aggressive. Thanks again to our local alligator wranglers for clearing the road, and keeping our streets, and pets safe from harm.