Easter Sunrise as seen from the 'school house hill' in Big Sandy.

Upon learning of the death of Lazarus, Jesus said to Martha: “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in Me, even if he dies, will live. Everyone who lives and believes in Me will never die – ever. Do you believe this?” John 11:25-26

First Baptist Church Pastor Bill Weaver spoke Easter Sunday morning of HOPE, saying, “All people need hope. Without it life is fretful, dull, meaningless, difficult, and wasted. Our worldview will either ignore hope – at our expense – or embrace hope as the major component in discovering life as God designed it to be. Mary and Martha were hopeless because they were focused on this temporal life, and not the eternal life that is resident in those who believe.”

Continuing, Pastor Weaver said, “No one could have been more hopeless than ‘the Twelve’ who followed Jesus of Nazareth throughout His ministry journey and watched as He was taken captive, tried, sentenced to death, and ultimately murdered on Calvary’s cross. They were angry, bitter, discouraged, hiding in fear, and experiencing the reality that all the glory they had anticipated was gone – Jesus was dead. Our world system has created false hope in light of its choosing to ignore the revelation of God to men. Mankind hopes for success, financial freedom, good times, and abundance of baubles and trinkets, and at the end of it all a God who accepts all comers for and Elysian Fields eternity consistent with the human appetites that have consumed their life. Such ‘hope’ is valueless and wretched in the end.”

“Rather, HOPE is the discovery of the women who entered the garden where the Messiah had been buried. HOPE fueled their response as they told members of ‘the Twelve.’ HOPE was the disclosure that they were searching for the living among the dead. HOPE was the revelation that salvation of mankind was accomplished, and Christ was alive! Risen from the dead as first fruit of all those who were to come by grace, through faith, to eternal life. HOPE is entering an empty tomb. HOPE is burning hearts on the road to Emmaus. HOPE is breakfast by the sea on coals of wood gathered by the Master’s hand. HOPE is watching from the hillside as the One who had been dead ascended into Heaven. HOPE is not a feeling, or a thing, nor a promise, rather it is the Savior – our Savior – our HOPE full and sure, living within and without. Jesus said, ‘we will never die, ever.’ We have HOPE when we have HIM living in us! He’s alive! He’s alive! He’s alive! And those who believe are alive…now and forever!”

Pastors Chad Lee, Sit’em Down Cowboy Church; Liz Elkins, Gospel Lighthouse; Bill Weaver, First Baptist; Carl Lucas, Hoskins Chapel C.M.E.; Jerome Ellard, New Beginnings Christian Fellowship; and Sonny Parsons, First Christian Church.

Easter Sunday morning, more than forty believers from several different churches gathered to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Buzz Payne from First Baptist led the group in beautiful hymns. Pastors representing First Baptist Church, First Christian Church, Hoskins Chapel C.M.E., New Beginnings Christian Fellowship, Gospel Lighthouse, and Sit’em Down Cowboy Church read scripture and offered prayers. Thanks to Sit’em Down Cowboy Church for providing refreshments.