Coach Derrick Floyd and Elementary Principal Donna Varnado admire new office furniture from ECI Software Solutions.

It started with a chair…and ended with a blessing. Summer McCartney, IT teacher at Big Sandy Elementary, knew the company her mom worked for was relocating their offices to Lindale and since many employees would be working off-site, they needed to eliminate some of their furniture. Summer asked for a chair for her classroom.

Summer’s mom, Dian Gorman, spoke with ECI Software Solutions VP of Texas Operations Brian DuFour, who contacted company officials in New York, who then contacted their corporate offices in Ft. Worth. (Here’s where the blessing begins.) ECI Software Solutions donated six amazing desks, bookshelves, credenzas with hutches, chairs for the conference room, and a beautiful sectional sofa for the elementary teachers’ workroom. This furniture is in pristine condition and makes such a professional impression.

Furniture of this quality would fall under the (imaginary) school budget category of “luxury item – no!” so we extend a huge THANK YOU to ECI Software Solutions, Brian DuFour, and Dian Gorman for their generosity. And to Summer for needing a chair.