At about 5:15 PM last Tuesday, a passerby coming South on HWY 155 toward Big Sandy noticed waist-high flames coming through the old wooden front porch of the grey 3-story Victorian home, formerly Annie’s bed and breakfast. The pedestrian wasted no time, and started running a garden hose from the next door Big Sandy Water Department.

Sgt. Manfred Gilow was quickly on the scene, and helped move water into place. The fire was nearly extinguished as Big Sandy’s Volunteer Firemen arrived. Thanks to all who arrived so quickly to extinguish the fire, that could have been a catastrophe to the residents.

The preliminary evaluation by authorities is that the fire may have been caused by a cigarette or ashes, that fell through the boards on the porch.

“The cigarette could have come from anywhere,” Sheila Hadley, Annie’s daughter who has recently started making improvements on old Victorian home.

The brush, vines, and old fence had already been removed, and a nice picket fence has been put in place around the yard.

“We were so lucky that someone came up and told us, because this side of the house is hot during this time of the day, and it gets more sunlight than any other place in the house,” said Hadley.

Annie’s has been a staple of Big Sandy for years, and the excitement has rushed all over town in hopes that the bed and breakfast will be revived.

Thank you to the person driving by that noticed the fire, and thank you again to our first responders for keeping us safe.