A few hours ago at 4:15 Wednesday Hawkins Volunteer Firefighters rushed to the scene of a fire next to a house on the South end of Lake Hawkins.  According to the people at the house next to the fire, they had been burning off some brush the day before, but nothing today. According to the people at the house, the fire they had yesterday wasn’t even smoking any longer.

Brush truck 1 and 3, along with Tanker 1 were on the scene to make sure all of the flames had been extinguished. According to firemen the flames were out  very soon after firefighters arrived on the scene. Everyone was safe but the fire had engulfed a small wooded area by the house and was approaching a dangerous situation.

As the days get more and more sunny, people want to burn off excess leaves and dead tree limbs. Its important to make sure your fires are extinguished completely before leaving them unattended.

The cause of this fire isn’t for sure from the day before but it could have been. All were safe and no one was injured.