Dr. Bill Weaver, pastor First Baptist Church

There are only a few more days until it is time to vote in the Mid-term Elections. November 6 is an important day for our Nation. There are two major things that concern me. I will share them with you. . .not in relationship to political parties and the strident voices of those who are seeking to destroy America as we know it, but rather in response to God’s Truth revealed in His Word, the Bible.

There is a contingent of our society that is doing everything possible to bend and warp the minds of millions of young people (18+) with narratives about “progress,” “human rights,” “freedom,” while pushing for abortion on demand, “no borders,” “free EVERYTHING,” and revolution against the Constitution of the United States and the authority it gives to the “rule of law.” Please note that the Scripture is clear that genuine wisdom resides in those of “advanced age.” I certainly don’t want to talk numbers (age), but to remind you that so many young people in our society are not sufficiently experienced regarding the building of a Nation, the structure of society, and the cost of freedom and our capacity to maintain it, and often fail to understand definitively terms such as “Republic,” “Socialism,” “Capitalism,” and “Communism,” and therefrom to make wise decisions regarding what is genuinely best for America. I believe many (along with millions of “older” adults) are being manipulated into believing that which is not Truth.

In addition, every human being, regardless of their age, IQ,  National origin, ethnicity, political persuasion, intellectual capacity, or state of mind, is subject to the Truth of God’s Word. America is a gift from God to those who choose rightly, and, those who choose wrongly, and, each will be held accountable for their choices. I have traveled across the entirety of the World, and there is, in my opinion, NOTHING like America. I am confident every election is a referendum on where we stand regarding the TRUTH.

Whether America stands or falls, changes or remains the same, wins or loses in the Global game of thrones, God will reign supreme, and we will answer to Him in the days to come.

VOTE. . .wisely!!