And now more from The Complete Fisherman and Anglers Manual or How to Catch Fish by Buzzacott, circa 1903.

Page 38 Casting, Baits, Spoons, Flies etc. 

“Were one to give due consideration to all the most fitting variety of baits, flies etc. it would need a book many times the size of this volume, yet as it is considered by most anglers that use fly or bait casting is the most sportsmanlike method of fishing.”

As Buzzacott goes on to talk about the different kinds of baits, one doesn’t have to realize how vast the sizes shapes, styles of flies, or other bait-cast style lures there are actually on the market. The real question remains, has someone caught a fish with all of the lures on the market? Which ones REALLY don’t work, and which ones do? According to Buzzacott, fish will bite on just anything that attracts them, its all about the angler, and how he coxes and fakes the fish out. What is your favorite go to lure? What is your favorite method? This column will focus more and more on the the lures that work. We want to hear from you what you like to use.

Thank you to Nate Dean for continuing to have the Working Man’s Tournament each weekend at Lake Hawkins, see him on Facebook for details.

Nate Dean Reports:

Well Saturday night we had a decent turnout. We even had two new teams show up. First place with 13.00 lbs Darin and Brandon, as pictured with their stringer and big bass. Second place with 10.04 lbs team of Jimmy and Cal. And a big bass was weighed in at 5.02 lbs Brandon and Darin.

See the photos from these local lakes, and a few from afar!See you next week with more fishing!