Dear Friends,

The Big Sandy Agape House Ministries was organized in 1992 because of needs within the community. Over the years, many God-led people provided leadership and rallied support from individuals, volunteers, businesses, and churches. People, whose hearts were filled with compassion and whose lives were living examples of God’s love extended through human hands, kept the ministry going and growing.

After decades of fulfilling God’s commission for Big Sandy, the ministry finds itself at the beginning of a new chapter.  The rooms of the current facility are bulging with donated goods available to the public. The walk space is at a premium. The food pantry needs updating and expansion. The tiny bathroom is inadequate for most and inaccessible for those with disabilities. Privacy for confidential conversations regarding individual needs and support is almost impossible with the location of the main office. The record-keeping file cabinets are filled to capacity. In short, we need a new facility with more space.

God sees the end while we are viewing the beginning. Because of our complete faith, hope, and confidence in God and His provision, we are embarking on a new path and beginning the next chapter. God, through the benevolence of a generous donor, provided a large plot of land with easy access to Hwy 155 and Hwy 80.  To God be the glory! Now, our eyes are fixed on the path that God has opened before us. Once again, we turn to our faithful supporters to help us along the way.

How can you help? We already have individuals willing to donate services, equipment, and time to prepare the site for the new building. Now, we are ready to move into the next phase for the building, electrical and plumbing, HVAC system, interior space, driveway, and parking. We are raising $90,000 in order to complete the task at hand. Donors are beginning to make donations and commitments, but we need more to continue our efforts.

You can make a difference with your support of this local ministry. Not only will you be planting seeds for meeting needs of the community, but you will also be able to use your charitable contribution for your 2017 taxes. Can we count on your support?

May God bless you in advance for your compassion and generosity.

In Christian Service,

Jerome Ellard, President, Big Sandy Ministerial Alliance and Sharon Hill, Director