Sometime after Friday night’s Hawkins Homecoming game, Officer Scott Randell was working traffic when he noticed an individual on the back of a motorcycle acting obnoxiously and yelling. Officer Randell approached the person with the intent to perform a sobriety test. When Officer Randell approached, the individual sped into Randell, lifting him off the ground and back about 5 feet. Hawkins Volunteer Fire Fighter Tanner Simmons witnessed the incident and grabbed the suspect from his motorcycle and held him on the ground. After the suspect refused a sobriety test, Officer Randell, assisted by Mr. Simmons, began to hand cuff the individual as he continued to resisted arrest.

“I used a zip tie on his ankles to put him in the car, and he broke the zip tie, then we proceeded to use handcuffs, ” said Officer Randell. “The suspect then used his feet to break out the back window of the squad car.”

After the back window was busted out, Hawkins Police Officers proceeded to wrangle the suspect into Officer Lathon Miller’s squad car (Officer Miller had responded to assist Officer Randell) and the suspect proceeded to bust out the window in Officer Miller’s squad car as well.

The suspect, Kyle Douglas, is facing a number of charges, and currently has 11 charges against him so far this year. Mr. Douglas, who has recently been out on bond, now faces possible charges for aggravated assault, resisting arrest, and a felony criminal mischief.