By Gorging George

Many times I make the trip to Dallas, and the surrounding areas. As you know I love to dine just about anywhere. Also as you know I like sushi. Most around here detest the idea. However, if they just gave it a chance. Sushi has not only been Americanized, it has been Texanized. Most all of the sushi restaurants in the area also offer a fusion of Asian foods, such as Thai, Phillipino, or Korean. Meaning you can get fried rice, and and egg roll if you want it.

I’ve never operated a sushi restaurant, and as far as I can tell we don’t have many “sushi bars” since many of us here in the south like fried foods, they now offer many  cooked items, such as tempura chicken, and shrimp, and other cross over foods to enable everyone at the table to eat. However, like I say, sushi has morphed into many tasty, bite-sized medalions of greatness.

This trip from Dallas we made the decision to stop at Tokyo Harbor, in Forney, right on Highway 80 head to Dallas.

As we came in a young lady started to seat us, then asked if we could hold off a moment while they bussed a booth. As we waited I grabbed a menu and began studying. Huge selection, both of the tempura type dishes/Hibachi grill/Mongolian grill type of items, and a nice selection of rolls, fish, sashimi style and sushi. In fact the photos online and in the menu were amazing. Most sushi places like to make a combination bowl of the chefs choices of sushi. Now, I’m adventurous, but unless I know the chef personally, I will not order this way. It is my belief that a chef is going to try to unload what they have too much stock in, so I asked if I could choose what I want in the combination, dinner selection. She said, “No, the only thing you can do is tell me what you don’t want in the bowl’ Okay, so I opted just to order one roll or sushi item at a time.

Each chance I can, I try something simple, yellow tail, or salmon. I almost always get eel too. Its a sweet flavor with a bed of sticky rice. Real sushi, isn’t just a combination of items in a role of rice and seaweed, its usually a fine quality piece of fish on a bed of thick, sticky rice. Sashimi, means no rice, just the meat. I ordered 2 of the Eel sushi, each order consisting of 2 pieces.

Wow great flavor, but the rice fell apart in my soy. Total bummer! If the sticky rice falls apart on your plate, its probably not sticky rice, they most likely didn’t want to make another batch. Not sure what it was in this case. It tasted good, but if you eat with chop sticks, you aren’t going to get any rice, unless you eat one morsel at a time!

My partner ordered a Tiger Roll – this was $13.95 and consisted of Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, eel, crunchy, yellow soypaper wrapped with orange and eel sauce

It was okay, but not anything special. As I began to look over the menu to order another try at something, our waitress was no where to be found. After about 15 more minutes, I looked around and the place was almost vacant. My partner and I decided we needed to get back to East Texas, so we made our way to the counter. Then our greeter asked if we had our ticket to pay out. And I told her that we had not seen our waitress in more than 20 minutes at this point. Then after her being the one who seated us, she asked us where she sat us. Wrong question. Then the waitress finally materialized with our ticket. We payed and we left. I was hungry when I left, bad thing to be when leaving any restaurant. That could have been a good experience. Either way, is it a place we will go back to?

Not sure, one thing for sure, I won’t go there in a hurry! Sill searching for a better sushi place!

Join us and tell us about your restaurant experiences! We love to go out to eat! See you in your favorite restaurants!

Tokyo Harbor Sushi/Hibachi Grill Forney, Texas

Restaurant Atmosphere, okay

Taste, good, problem with sticky rice, NOT STICKY

Service, good at the beginning, poor on the follow through