By Gorging George

Who likes tailgating at games, or just throwing down a bucket full of ice and your favorite beverages for some backyard fun? I do! The atmosphere when we walked into Cole’s in Lindale was a kind of kick your shoes off, go bare-footing, or put on your flip-flops and your favorite tank top, plop down on the ground, or on the back of your pick up, start the fire, and begin the cook out feeling.

As soon as you step into the front door, you are directed to a simple menu right behind the counter. The menu consists of beef, and chicken items, along with one salmon option. It’s a limited menu, but the dishes seem to be cooked very well, which makes all the difference.

They have one of the best salad bars in the area.  Choice or combination of four different types of greens make the base for a salad that can include everything from roasted tomatoes, Kalamata olives and artichoke hearts, to black beans, roasted corn and jalapeno, or carrots, cherry tomatoes and broccoli. My first salad was a combination of Greek, Southwest and Garden toppings, and it may have been a little much for my taste buds. The next time, I was prepared and selected my ingredients more carefully to build a perfect Mediterranean salad. The selection of possible ingredients is really one of the best I’ve seen in a good long while.

At first, I was concerned that, other than the variety of salad ingredients, the menu didn’t have enough variety to choose, but looks are deceiving. The first time I went, I ordered the BBQ brisket. The plate was very simple. Fries on one side, and BBQ brisket on the other, with the brisket on top of a piece of Texas Toast. I must say that the brisket was well cooked, and the sauce was very sweet. I like it sweet, but I gotta tell you, a little black pepper to counter the molasses and brown sugar.


The straight cut french fries were awesome! They had some sort of pepper inside the fries and some kind of cheese on them, maybe Parmesan. Everything on the plate was delicious, only one complaint. I like my Texas Toast, but not with the meat on top of the bread. It made it soggy, either way I know how to order it next time.

Among the sides offered are a sea-salt baked Irish potato and a rock-candy baked sweet potato. Both are good. I would rather have sea salt the sweet potato, but if you add table salt to the sweet potato, it delivers the much-needed balance to the sweetness.

The second time I went, I ordered the Sirloin Steak. $13.50 isn’t a bad price for the size, and they actually cooked it the way I ordered it. The server was good, because she asked everyone to cut into the steak to make sure it was to their liking. Sure enough one of our party sent it back to be a little more cooked through, but the server did it with a smile on her face, and it came back to my friends liking. The plates aren’t over crowded with filler of some sort, example rice or beans, or fries. The come with exactly what you order, and it’s very clean and neat.

There are a few more things I will try when I go back. I’m such a rib guy, but I know I need to taste their baby back rib plate, and I’m also thinking I need to try that Candied Bacon. I also need to taste their Chicken-fried steak and a chicken dish, but so far the salad, steak and BBQ brisket are all winners.

See Cole’s Backyard BBQ in Lindale off of I-20 and 69. They treated us great, and the atmosphere was trendy and fun. I really am excited to go back for more!