Photo by Andrew Kirby

By Linda Hernandez

At the Hawkins City Council Meeting on Monday, August 7, 2017, council members voted unanimously to decrease the proposed Hawkins Voluntary Fire Department amount of money allocated for a new vehicle from $30,000.00 to $15,000.00 in order to have $11,000.00 to buy a new “Jaws For Life”. Council members Norma Oglesby and Wayne Kirkpatrick visited the fire station last week when the jaws were being certified and repaired. Mr. Kirkpatrick stated that one of the two jaws owned by the fire department needed to be junked. Fire Chief Stephen Holmes stated that the fire department needed the jaws to save lives. Norma Oglesby stated that the proposed fire department budget needed to have $11,000 added to it in order to buy the jaws.

Unanimous votes were made by the city council on four items for consideration. The first topic for consideration was the final approval to adopt the Employee Social Media Policy, which was discussed at the previous meeting. Sherry Davis made the motion, seconded by Clara Kay – passed unanimously.

Next, council member Norma Oglesby made a motion to approve the new membership for Wood county Electric at the new siren location, seconded by Wayne Kirkpatrick – passed unanimously. Mayor Coquat stated that the service was already at the location – the contract was just the paper work.

Third, was the approval of employee health care for the fiscal year 2017-2018. After minimal discussion, the council made the decision to stay with the current plan from United Health Care through Hibbs Hallmark for the employee health care.  Clara Kay made the motion to approve the current health care plan; seconded by Sherry Davis – passed unanimously.

Fourth, council member Wayne Kirkpatrick made the motion to adopt the Texas State Library and Archives commission guidelines for record retention, naming the City Secretary as the Records Management Officer. The motion was seconded by Norma Oglesby – passed unanimously.

Last, the council had minimal discussion approving the Proposed Property Tax Rate for 2017.  City Secretary, Dona Jordan, noted that the effective tax rate was .7754 per $100 valuation.  Sherry Davis stated that the rate was lower than last year.  Mayor Coquat stated that the city had regained a small amount of the taxable value that the it lost last year, and if the council chooses to approve the Proposed Tax Rate, the city would generate the same amount of tax revenue as last year. Sherry Davis made the motion to approve the Proposed Effective Property Tax Rate of .7754 per $100 valuation; seconded by Wayne Kirkpatrick – motion passed unanimously.

The motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Sherry Davis, seconded by Clara Kay – passed unanimously.

Council members present: Clara Kay, Norma Oglesby, Sherry Davis, and Wayne Kirkpatrick.  Debbie Rushing was not present at the meeting. The department heads present were:  Stephen Holmes, Mike Maberry, Cindy Douthitt, Norma Hallmark, Dona Jordan, Ron Voda, and Scott Randell. Clara Kay gave the invocation.