Dear Editor:
In response to the negative letters written by a resident of Holly Lake Ranch, I would like to add my opinion.   First off, the ranch is run very well.  Each board member, past and present, is hit with a rough road to get through.  There will never be 100% agreement on anything but that is not unusual as it applies to many other communities both private and public, as well.
The day-to-day running of the ranch is done by the Board of Directors and the General Manager.  I find it in poor taste for a resident to not only “slam” the board members but to discuss private issues that have to be dealt with legally and with intelligence and concern for our community.  These are private issues for HLR members and there really isn’t any reason that this should go further than our gates.
This community is a beautiful place.  We are not lacking in maintaining our amenities and the ranch in general. Sure, there are issues but they are being taken care of.  The public needs to see and hear the positives of this community.  The homes are priced in such a range that anyone can afford.  The dues are low when one realizes all that it includes and the majority of the people are kind, caring, and passionate about their homes and community.
The biggest problem at the ranch, that I can see, are those few who have nothing  better to do than to be angry at life in general. They refuse to listen to all sides of a problem and refuse to consider that maybe, just maybe, they may be wrong.  Opinions matter.  But, keep those opinions just that and listen to all.  You don’t have to agree with how everything is handled in running this community, but you can work together in keeping this ranch the beautiful community it is.
We are neighbors.  We are friends.  We don’t always agree with the politics but we need to treat everyone with respect and gratitude for making this Holly Lake Ranch welcoming. How about all of us pulling together and let go of our negative attitudes that cause so much stress?
I want to thank the past board members, the present board members and others who volunteer so much of their day.  Your enthusiasm and caring makes my home a beautiful place.  I Love Holly Lake Ranch!  Enjoy and come see what this private community is all about.
Respectfully submitted,
Sandy Ficarrra, HLR Resident