By Andrew Kirby

Did your favorite national news channel remember 9/11 the way you think it should have been remembered?  9/11 changed our lives forever: the way we accept food/supplies into our country, the way we travel, the way we send letters in the mail, who we can visit, when and where we go, how we get there, how and when we communicate, how we accept funds, how we shop, the list goes on… There are just to many changes we’ve had to endure since the terrorist attacks on our soil in New York. What was done, was done, and there is no going back. But are we more safe now than we were before the attacks?

I remember 9/11 vividly, but I also remember September 14, 2001 and George Bush’s voice saying “I can hear you! And the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon!”

I knew were I was, and what I was doing at the time 9/11 happened, just the way some of you felt when JFK was brutally murdered, or the bombing of Pearl Harbor for others. Few remember that our President at the time was only in office for 8 months when this attack happened. Some choose to forget all the work that was done with Iraq, and with Iran and the evil regime that was found to have been part of the 9/11 attack. It’s more important now than it has ever to be in support of our local authorities, because the enemy wants us to be in disarray.

We should remember to be vigilant- (definition: keep careful, watch for potential dangers and hazards).  Can you do this without a weapon? Absolutely!  The choice is yours. Citizens who are vigilant is what our local law enforcement want and need.

But let the police do the police work. The police have the training we don’t have. They have the knowledge about our current and ongoing situations. Keeping us safe is their job. You can do your job, because they are doing theirs!

Big Sandy, under the guidance of Sonny Parsons, had a great potluck event last week to support all those who put themselves into harms way. Some say its the little things that matter when showing support and Big Sandy locals do a great job of showing support.

Also, here is a message to all those breaking the law, and to those that fight our local authorities because you think you’ve been cheated, or maybe you feel entitled: life is not fair, but your character is defined in your choices and how you react to life’s hardships. My hope and prayer is that more will choose to do the right thing.

I plan on standing behind our local leaders, and our armed men and women in uniform. It is my responsibility as a citizen to be diligent- be informed, and to inform. The real question still remains, are we more safe now than we were?

These are photos from the Big Sandy Pot Luck ‘Honor our Heroes’ event held Tuesday September 8th. This event is held the Tuesday before 9/11 each year. It’s a great way to remember 9/11 and honor our local First Responders.

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