Dear Big Sandy Community,

How’s this for a 4 a.m. phone call? Location…downtown Big Sandy…train derailment. Thankfully no one was hurt and no sulfuric acid from those cars was spilled. The Big Sandy Volunteer Fire Department did a great job and many thanks to our firefighters who sacrificed their time to be there. The Union Pacific railroad had a quick response and was a Godsend in determining the immediate danger to our community. Greg Mandreger, Big Sandy EMC and Mark Nichols, Upshur County EMC were a tremendous resource for us as well. Chief of Police Tim Scott, Mayor Nancy Church and City Secretary Laura M Rex helped to get the word out about the derailment and that everything was stable. Monica DeCuir delivered coffee and doughnuts and made a lot of the initial phone calls as well as moral support all through the day.

In a nutshell, we all came together as a community and team and worked together to deal with the accident and, at the end of the day, we all went home safely. Praise God for that! Thanks to Graeme Alden Wolf, Jesse Boulden, Ken Danapas, Eric Hollenbeck, Bradlee DeCuir, Chad DeCuir, Brandy DeCuir, Monica Decuir, Jose Rios II, Jeff Jones, and Sonny Parsons for your service to our Fire Department and to our community.

I also don’t want to leave out the rest of the department who respond so many other times with little or no recognition. Stephen Winchell, Bryan Winchell, Sam Wearden, Skylar Weiss, Adam McClary, Joe Joseph Pittelkow, Michael Harman, Daniel Hawley, and Cliff Patrick. Love you guys! Also love and thanks to my wonderful wife, Catherine Overby, and kids for being flexible and supportive throughout the day and the families of all our first responders. Love you guys very much!

Chris Overby, Big Sandy VFD