Dear Editor,

March 26, 2015: I read James Earhart’s letter in the paper and agree with him wholeheartedly. If someone dislikes Hawkins so much, then don’t live or work there. I was born in Hawkins and attended school here twelve years. In fact, James’ family and mine were good friends and his sister and I were classmates. My dad and mom had a grocery store and knew everyone and loved them, too. I still think of Hawkins as home, but we live in the Shady Grove area now where my husband grew up. I don’t understand why people are always against someone trying to better the town such as Will Rogers is doing. Also, why can’t people take pride in the area where they live and not litter the highways?

October 26, 2015: To continue my letter, we went to the Oil Festival and had friends from the Bullard area attend, also. I was embarrassed because the bathrooms were dirty, no soap or towels. The rooms and doors need painting. I agree with Nancy Lowrance Walker. We should take pride in our hometown. If you don’t like Hawkins…move. I have wonderful memories. God Bless Hawkins.

 Wanda Kennedy Mooney