Mayor Parsons and Wildcat Seniors. Courtesy photo

Story by Dr. Cindy Bauter

Wildcat Senior boys. Courtesy photo
Wildcat Senior girls. Courtesy photo

In years past, Sonny and Jane Parsons were known for their “Porch Parties,” where folks gathered for peach tea, snacks, and lively conversation. Last year, Mayor Parsons hosted a different kind of gathering by inviting the Big Sandy Senior Class for a chat on his porch. Repeating this popular event, the Seniors of 2018 met on May 17th for fellowship and refreshments served by Jerome and Helen Ellard.

Wildcat Senior girls on the porch. Courtesy photo

Mayor Parsons encouraged students to never give up when life presents challenges–as it will–and to take advantage of opportunities that make for an interesting life. He talked about his classmates still gathering for reunions after 57 years and how the Class of 2018 will have meaningful lifetime friendships even if they don’t realize it now. Mayor Parsons posed the question: “What in Big Sandy would you want to see in the City’s future, and what might encourage you to raise your families in your hometown?” 

Wildcat Senior boys on the porch. Courtesy photo

The students were appreciative of the opportunity to meet the Mayor and to have an opportunity to reflect on time together as friends who have only ten more days together. Thanks to all attended, to Pastor and Mrs. Ellard, and to Mayor Parsons for sharing his time and wisdom. Good Luck to the Big Sandy Wildcat Class of 2018!