Charles “Chap” Thomas is pastor of the Northeast Texas Cowboy Church located on FM 2911 between Big Sandy and Hawkins. Saturday morning, Chap joined Pastor Chad Lee from Sit’em Down Cowboy Church at the Dogwood Classic Bible Roping. He opened the service with these words.

His daddy told him to go out and plow the fields. Just plow the fields. Don’t go to his friend’s house. Now at this particular friend’s house was all sorts of trouble and that’s exactly where Chap went instead of plowing like his daddy told him to do. When he had to go back home from somewhere he had no business being, he realized he had been disobedient to his daddy and disobedient to what God wanted…and he certainly wasn’t getting any plowing done.

Chap says that after the whipping he got, he apologized to his daddy and said he wouldn’t go back without his permission. “Son,” says Chap’s daddy, “what you have to do is first submit to God. And get right with God.” When Chap asked him how to do that, his daddy told him to do what Romans 10:9-10 says. If you believe that Jesus is the Son of God, you believe that He died and rose from the dead. If you believe that in your heart and confess it with your mouth, son, you will be saved. Chap told his daddy that he had something in him that wouldn’t let him stop going to this friend’s and wanted to know what it was. His daddy told him he didn’t have peace in his heart and you are rebelling. Chap asked his daddy to pray with him. His daddy told him that if he would learn how to obey God and obey Him, God’s blessings would be on his life.

His daddy was sick with cancer when Chap was a small child and he had to plow the farm by himself. But he remembered his daddy’s words, “If you submit to the Lord and submit to His leadership, the peace of God will be on your heart.”

There may be someone here today that is rebelling against what God is calling you to do. If so, today is your day. At the end of this service, make your way down here to this arena and do like I did when I got back from my friend’s and my daddy led me to the Lord. When the peace of God comes on you, you don’t run. You don’t rebel against the Father. You submit to God.