By Andrew Kirby

Well if you made it, consider yourself blessed.

And God bless those we will miss.

If we all listen to the main stream media, we will all be lucky to have made it out alive in 2017. Musicians, newscasters, CEOs, doctors, we have lost a lot of amazing people, most assuredly, our armed forces who continue to fight this war. You know we are at war right?

They say as we age these occurrences are natural. This or that occurs because ‘that is life’.  It is a scientific, mathematical, probability that you were affected by one, if not all, of these ‘regular life occurrences.’ Things like death, sickness, misfortune, weather patterns, a bank transaction gone awry, having to put gas in your car all too often, taking the wrong vaccination for the flu and thus, getting the flu, taking a friend to the hospital and staying there until 4 am… Should I continue?

Although it’s easy to recount our misfortunes, as we age, should we not be focused more on what we want from life? What we can add to society? Taking for granted the things we freely receive every day, without a care, will surely turn our world upside down when they are no longer provided – running water, trash pick-up, emergency services and all the conveniences of modern living. I suppose “freely” is a rather subjective term. Someone always pays, and mostly it’s us.

How we look at the coming year, could be our last and most triumphant beginning of the best decade, or it could be what you dread the most.  What we love the most can be taken from us in just a short breath. What you think you are controlling, could be a disaster waiting to erupt. What can be done to stop this?!?

The short answer is nothing. But, learning to embrace shortcomings could be what causes us to survive!

Fill your lives with positive and enriching activity. Grow toward a positive solution. Remember the phrase, “Life is too short” Take advantage of good sunlight. Breathe in the tastiest of meals before you gobble them down. Experience a fragrance of roses – make them yellow to deliver as a friend. Spend your time loving and listening to your friends and family. Learn to ride the roller coaster of life. Bring peace when there is none. Experience art. Revisit your favorite music. Don’t be consumed about what you cannot control. Deliver verbal substance rather than small talk. Dust yourself off after failure, then correct, and try, try again. Remember Yoda says “Do, or do not, there is no try.”

Sure it’s easy to begin, but only strong daily habits give you a more robust road to a fruitful future. Be able to deliver a swift outcome for all parties involved, in business, family, church, community. Discover what is unifying and bring those elements of discovery to all who are seeking harmony.

2018 promises to be one of the best years of your life. Keep your eye on the ball. Develop your swing. Practice thorough correct action. Go for it East Texas! The world is your oyster. Let’s make 2018 the best it can be. Happy New Year!