Dear Editor:

The Holly Lake Ranch Association Board, has mentioned at previous meetings that we need to get more residents to attend. Well, they succeeded on Saturday, June 27 to get the largest number of residents to be present only to totally ignore them.  Did they even understand that almost half of those present were wearing red shirts in support of Mario? Did they even care about the response and standing ovations of the present residents in support of any positive restaurant discussions?

The Board and ‘The Puppet Master’ came in to that meeting with their own preconceived agenda. Did they not realize that they represent all the residents at Holly Lake Ranch? Their own survey indicated that residents wanted the restaurant. Actions of most of the Board that day did speak louder than words.

I am embarrassed and humiliated at the lack of leadership and professionalism shown by our Board at that meeting. They have made it clear after two years of harassing past Boards from the audience that they do not want the same treatment. well, when they talk down to the residents like they did, totally ignoring the needs and wishes of the residents in front of them, what did they expect?

They made it very clear that most of the Board Members are going to do what they want, when they want, and whatever they want. When a true leader is under pressure, they work through it. This Board ran with their tails between their legs.

When they got to the question part of the agenda, the first resident spoke for over five minutes, but it was not offensive. The second resident ran over five minutes, but when John Sparks spoke about the Board’s (more directed at the President) lack of leadership, the horn for the three-minute warning all of a sudden was working and he was shut down. Shame on the Board. They can dish it out, but cannot take it.

I hope that this horrible display causes enough humiliation on the Ranch to really reach these people or remove them. I heard the word ‘recall’ used a few times. that vote on the restaurant was a slap in the face of almost everyone at that meeting. They want to shut down the restaurant for how long? To do what? Do they even know or care? How can you make such an important decision with such lack of information.


Greg Demko, HLR