By Greg Demko

There has been a lot of heated discussion emails and meetings over the Fore Seasons Restaurant lately. Most of the Board and the ‘Puppet Masters’ have ignored most of the residents desires to extend Mario’s contract and even the recommendations of their self-appointed Restaurant Committee.

On Tuesday, July 7th, a packed Holly Hall of concerned residents gathered to discuss the restaurant situation. Also on the 7th, an email was sent to the residents with FACTS to consider. The email did not come from the Board because not every member had input or even knew about it. Again, this email was sent from the personal website of Jay Blint. He even delivered a paper copy to Rodney Duplechain the day before, so you know how put it together.

How much longer are we going to stand for or allow the ‘puppet master’ to use this tool as a representation of our Board’s views? We, hundreds of us at HLR, gave our email addresses to the administration office to be used for them to distribute Ranch information, not the puppet master.

let’s review this FACT sheet. Most of the Board has made it perfectly clear that they will have NO contact with prior Board members. If they took the time to act professionally and get the correct information on many subjects, we would not be consumed with wrong information or half-truths.

FACT – The whole Board (2013), not just Larry Bowman, hired Mario, I was there.

FACT – They claim, and Mario even stated it, that he did not read the whole contract. He did not have to. we read it to him and discussed any questions. I was there.

FACT – Our General Managers name was thrown under the bus for not announcing the number of bids taken for the 19th hole lease. This is the same Board that hired a lawyer in Houston, contacted by Jay Blint (Not a Board Member) without a single other bid.

FACT – No current Board member ever stated they wanted the restaurant closed. Hello, only renewing Mario’s contract through the end of September, and not renewing the TABC contract in October means the facility is CLOSED. As usual, most of this Board is great with bringing up many micro-managed problems without any solutions.

FACT – The Board’s actions at the June 27th meeting were wrong. Any Board with any common sense would have, at a minimum, tabled their vote with over 200 residents in attendance and almost half of them wearing red in support of Mario. Does most of this Board really think they are listening or representing the residents of the HLR. BEWARE – This Board is personal agenda driven.

FACT – Not sound business practice for one person to enter into a contract. We have hired an unbelievable professional as a General Manager, Knowledgeable in all aspects of our Ranch business. Let him do his job. address actions he may do that are questionable, do not tie his hands with micro-manage his abilities. Most of this Board has proven, in the last six months, that they are clueless about the many aspects of managing this Ranch.

Our treasurer announced, at a recent open meeting, that there were many forms not completely or correctly filled out. It’s been six months that they have been in office and they just realized this and then made it public of their inadequate abilities. Most board members in any business, when taking office, finalize these documents early in their terms. Again, the Administration office personnel were thrown under the bus (whether intentional or not).

Hello, Board members, you are responsible for Ranch Policies and Procedures. If you were not so busy micro-managing the Ranch, you would know this.

Also, as a side note, about our treasurer. She recently sent out an angry email regarding her insight into some of the recent reactions of many residents regarding the restaurant. this email was read aloud at a meeting at the Fore Seasons on July 7th. In summary, she said that the RICH people in section 4 were the problem and took it a step further to say that included the AFFLUENT residents on Golf Drive. So much for any credibility for Sandra Wells.

The main concern for most residents lately is our amenities. the values of our community are a risk with the micro-management of most of our present Board. Mr. Cook (he is not a lawyer) claims that our agreement with Silverleaf, according to 209, has no merit. Do not believe him, If Silverleaf believes their property value is in jeopardy, they can step in. Please let our General manager,the professional, do what we are paying him to do. He is not a pawn of the Board.