I would like to think that most people became residents at Holly Lake Ranch (HLR) because they loved the beauty, gated community with security, a managed golf course, competent administration, and probably more. Sorry gang, the times has changed. The majority of HLR residents voted for change this year, and boy is it here. Four of our Board members are going
to cut our resources to the bone.
Through their tactics, we lost five good employees last year. They had the good sense to get the hell out of HLR, because, the writing was on the wall what was coming next. We, the residents, do not have that choice and are stuck with the problem. And, now they fire Eric Eitel, the most competent General Manager we could ask for. The four Board members have no management skills in running a golf course, a restaurant, or an association as the have proven. Eric had all of these skills and more. And, let’s not forget accounting and budget skills. They bragged about a full audit, but blamed everyone else but themselves after getting rid of the established finance committee, assigning their own people, and forcing our accountant of seven years to quit. So, the audit did not happen. Eric had those skills and more, but the four Board members made it clear from the beginning that they run the ranch. Are you kidding me? Our professional general manager has forgotten more about running an association like HLR than the four of them put together. So, Eric was fired on Monday, August 31st, 2015, because he was not falling in line with the four Board members.
Wake up people. We, the residents, run the Ranch. The Board is the vessel through the needs, wishes, desires, or ideas of the residents pass through to the G.M. to accomplish. Eric did a great job of relating to our residents and coming up with creative and new ideas well withing his budget. He managed himself very professionally and his accomplishments speak for themselves. What has the Board accomplished besides dividing its residents. No Audit, and absolutely NO TRANSPARENCY. Rather than responding to the residents,they represent , after firing Eric, they shut down their emails and did not respond to phone calls. Why? Because, they DO NOT CARE. The four of them run the ranch without any concern or desire to hear from anyone. they were truly annoyed with the residents wearing red shirts in support of Mario and now Eric. Heaven forbid, the 80% or so of 100 plus attending meetings wear red, these are the residents who visibly care and are totally ignored and shut out without any concern for any input. They only represent themselves, not the residents. They just DO NOT CARE. Do not think for a minute that the four Board members are done with chopping off heads. Our Security department could also be in their sites. 
Our way of life at HLR is in serious jeopardy from our expectations when we moved here. We have to join as one in solidarity soon if we are going to preserve any kind of way of life we have become accustom to. If they continue to cheapen our staff, our amenities, our homes, our way of life, what will be left of HLR? maybe, instead of spending money on this lawyer in Houston, we really need to hire a psychologist. How can four people affect the lives of hundreds and NOT CARE or even listen to their concerns? The Board should be representing the WHOLE Ranch. This my way or the highway attitude has got to stop.
Greg Demko, Holly Lake Ranch