By Gorging George

It was Sunday after church that a few friends and I decided to eat in Lindale at Pizza, Pasta Amore’.  It turns out that my friend who recommended it was spot-on.

I’m not a big fan of buffet dining, simply because a lot of the time the food sits a long time before it is consumed. As it sits, it begins to die. There’s nothing worse than a wrinkled, dry, pizza left to die a slow and painful death under the heat lamps of an all day buffet.

How many times have you been to a pizza buffet, and they ran out of your favorite? At Pizza, Past Amore’ just ask and they will make you one. Also they won’t just toss it out on the buffet table, they bring you the whole pizza, serve you as many pieces as you want, then take the rest immediately to the buffet table.

Pizza is a funny thing, you can literally put anything on it.  At most pizza shops they only offer the standard toppings, pepperoni, sausage, etc. Here, they say that if you ask for just about anything they have it, and they will put it on your pizza.

As far as clean and neat restaurants, this place was spic and span. The restrooms, dinning room and what I could see of the kitchen, as I peeked through the window from the buffet line, was very clean.

Now not all of us can live on pizza and pasta alone, and these guys have taken that into consideration by offering a truly fresh salad bar. There is everything from pineapple to cucumber and sunflower seeds to roasted tomatoes (yes, with real grill marks) and home made dressings. I didn’t order it but my good friend sitting next to me ordered the spaghetti and meat sauce and said it was “to die for”. Also on their menu they had lasagna, huge calzones, and many other Italian choices.

The server was very accommodating, and the hostess was helpful to bring tables together for our larger party to dine together in the already crowded dining room.

All-in-all, I have no complaints, aside from the fact that they made a deal with Pepsi and do not offer Coca Cola, which is a bummer because there is nothing better than an ice cold Coke with pizza. They offer Dr. Pepper and Root Beer, and there’s plenty of Sweet Iced Tea, so if you don’t like Pepsi, there are alternatives. You could always drink water, but that’s no fun.

The photo featured in this article is from their Facebook page. It looks ‘Christmas-y’ but it was such a great shot of the food, I went for it!

Pizza, Pasta Amore’ is located on Hwy 69 south of Downtown Lindale, before I-20 at 2551 South Main Street. Visit their website for more information: