I am fortunate to be a resident of Holly Lake Ranch. Since I have been reading so much negativity in your paper regarding my home place, I just want to hop in and give a little positivity for your readers to contemplate. Oh, yes, while I think of it – the next Board Meeting that is scheduled, and if your reporter is present again, I think it would be an excellent idea if she interviewed the President of the Board, and as Paul Harvey used to say – get the rest of the story. At Least introduce herself as a member of the Press from The Journal.

I love Holly Lake Ranch. It is my home. Perhaps you could call me a member of the “Silent Majority”. Well, I have decided not to be so silent anymore. I want you all to know that I have no humiliation in residing in the best place I have ever lived, and folks, I am an Army Brat – and can’t even recite to you all the places in the USA, Asia and Europe where I have resided. Trust me, this is the best. We now have the best Board of Directors since I have lived at Holly Lake Ranch – 12 years; so, I have experienced a few Boards. These Board Members were voted in by the MAJORITY of the residents – (except for one member who was appointed by the previous board to serve out the term of a member who had resigned). The word MAJORITY is an important word. Please remember it.

This Board remains my rock. They have given me the opportunity to go about my day with assurance and without worry that I am in good hands. I go to the monthly Board Meetings and give my support. Some of us agree and some of us disagree – this is normal in any community. Our General Manager gives a report of our finances, future endeavors, maintenance, etc. cost and budget compliances. If there are to be any changes, we will be given the opportunity to vote as to our preferences. Our Board follows the Bylaws and have legal advice at hand, which we pay for, when needed, to keep us in line with the HOA laws of the State.

I then go home with confidence in their, leadership and live my daily life in a wonderful safe atmosphere. I would like to say that I live among friendly , helpful, fun-loving, God-fearing neighbors, who live in all Sections of the Ranch. I want to let everyone know that we have the greatest Security Force one could wish for right here at Holly Lake Ranch, and one of the reasons I make my home here. Our Volunteer Fire Department is without question the best of the best. Our Maintenance Department’s hard work is to be commended. I don’t see how they do it – but they do, and we are grateful for all of them. As a matter of fact, I am grateful for everything I have here at the Ranch. It is a superb wonderful place to make one’s home. There are so many amenities and activities at Holly Lake, I cannot list them all here. The best part, in my opinion, are the people who live here, and trust me Folks, they love this beautiful place as well. I might, also, mention this is the most affordable place I have ever lived, and that is a bonus. I owe my peace of mind to all of the people I have mentioned above.

Oh yeah, when we go to do our shopping, we do shop in our nearby towns and communities. We put our monies in their coffers too. We use their businesses and spread the word in their favor.

When I lay my head down on my pillow at night, feeling secure, safe and serene – I do not have worries about Holly Lake Ranch. I give thanks and feel blessed, and thank God for allowing me to be able to go about my next day privileged to live and love here at Holly Lake Ranch. Peace of mind is given to me by all the afore-mentioned. This is the way I want to live.

One more thing….I am happy with my Board, as you can tell, if you are not – well then, there will be an election coming up, get crackin – throw your hat in the ring. If you get the MAJORITY of the vote, your chance to change things…………

Thank you!

This is my opinion

Shirley Malone, Holly Lake Ranch