To: Hawkins City Council, Mayor Rogers, and citizens

Last week, Hawkins was fortunate to host three important events. The Hawkins School Exes Reunion was held at First Baptist Church on Friday. Over 100 exes from far and wide attended. On Saturday, our wonderful Oil Festival was held. On Sunday, First United Methodist Church celebrated its 130th anniversary reunion with great attendance.
What a disappointment it was to see the lack of pride displayed downtown. At least five businesses/properties had not even mowed or picked up trash! If the business owners could not or would not take care of this, why not the city? A little pride goes a long way with visitors and our own citizens.
We had a great chance to make an outstanding impression on all of our visitors, but what did they see right downtown? Trash, overgrown lots, and unkempt areas were visible for all to see!
Those of us who live outside the city limits are very concerned. We may not be able to vote in our local elections, but we still care. Hawkins is still our hometown too.
My husband and I chose to come to Hawkins to live and retire. We had visited Hawkins for years to visit my family. I remember a town where community pride was evident and visible. What has happened? When did we choose to be mediocre? All of us must do better.
Nancy Lowrance Walker