Between rain spells, flooding, tornados and  high winds around the area, we found time to fish! It looks as if Nate Dean was the winner in the Wednsday Night Scramble Tournament.  Here was the break down from Nate.

Finally found a day to go and fish without getting soaked. Almost forgot how to fish. But after catching the first fish….it all came back to us. Fish on, and we did! It was a great time we had lots of new faces,  I would like to say a big welcome to all the new anglers that fished Wednesday night and hope to see more of y’all in the future, according to the new anglers everyone had a great time and all felt welcome.

Here is the run down,

1st  Nate and Bill. 8.12lbs. $210

2nd  Jason and Kenneth. 8.08lbs. $90

Big bass  Eddie. 3.06lbs. $75 (new angler) good job

And the rest of the anglers….
Eddie 7.08, Jeff and Louie 7.06 Idris and Chris 6.10

Till next week hope to see ya on the water.


If yall see Nate around town be sure to encourage him on his next tournament coming up this weekend at Sam Rayburn. We have been proud to sponsor Nate in the FLW, and many other tournaments this summer. Nate is also coordinating our Bass Tournament coming up on Sept 26 at Lake Hawkins, be sure to pick up forms at The Country Mailer next to Sonic, or at the RV Park with Tanner Simmons, there at Lake Hawkins. Proceeds this year benefit the Holly Lake Volunteer Fire Deparment.


Now back to fishing…its been kind of a slow come-on, with the fish this year. It hasn’t helped anyone but the drought situation to have all this extra water, but if you are able to get fishing in between storms its been awesome! We went out this morning on Memorial Day, it was cool at around 7AM, water was warm at 68 degrees or so. Mostly clear, we got in the boat and started hitting the shoreline. Straight off I hooked one using a take on the Carolina Rig that I use. Worm weight up top, 3-4 bright pink beads, I then tie that off with a shot weight. Then I drop the hook around a foot or more and tie the hook on. And thanks to a local friend that hooked me up with one almost 3 years ago, I have been using a motor-oil chartruce worm with a bright yellow tail.  Also been using a sparkle red and blue, and a june bug.  I think I lost about 4-5 this morning, but I landed around 6, most of them 2 pounds or better. My brother was the winner between us on the big bass at around 4-5 pounds. We got out enough to catch a slew then make it back in for some biscuits and gravy before anyone else was outta bed. Not bad for just under 2 hours. As we fishing I dreamed about having a full week to fish, wonder what that is like???

Well its time for you to get out and do some fishin, and remember if your line ain’t in the water, you ain’t gonna catch nothing! Keep those photos coming in. We are planning a big bass, and best photo prize for the end of the season.  So upload to facebook or send them to my inbox at

See you on the water!